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In order to meet the high quality requirements, we put our efforts on improving machining and sophisticated detection equipment, in addition, we reinforce on job traning. ensure the final inspection and testing of our product meet the standard in the market. We offer all sizes of combination ratchet wrench, reversible ratchet wrench and flexible ratchet wrench which access a patent on his invention in China, United States and other countries. All wrenches meet ANSI standards


RD and Innovation

Pro Gear Tools has been keeping research in all kinds of ratchet wrenches and related products for a long time, developing high standards of production requirements, both in improving manufacturing processes and machining details and finished products, semi-finished products related to detected equipment, has conduct strictly. He has his own idea on ratchet wrench, so they can approved and get a patent on his invention in many countries. All ratchet wrench meet the requirement of ANSI standards.



We will attend the hand tools annual event of the year, Taiwan Hardware Show is Asia's autumn trade fair focused on buying quality hardware, not to be missed for the industry to focus on the international professional exhibition in Taichung - Taichung International Exhibition Center, We have an exclusive booth and launch the new products of annual research and development . You are most welcome to visit us. http://www.hardwareshow.com.tw


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